Akai Jounetsu in the world...



First days at home

The puppy will feel dishoriented and nervous at first, its world has changed very fast, and it will miss both mom and little brothers and sisters during the first days at its new home.


Try staying close to him/her, and don’t leave it home alone. Create a little corner with a water bowl, a comfy folding dog bed and some toys. During the first nights, if he/she moans or struggles to fall asleep, just keep close and pet the puppy to make it feel safe until sleep comes.


Don’t be harsh with the puppy if it dirties home, puppies still can’t completely control their pulses, so take it out as much as possible to understand its rhythms and praise it when it does its needs outside. Have patience and you’ll soon see that he/she will learn not to dirty house inside.


The Shiba lives at home and doesn’t make trouble, being clean by nature. However, just as any other dog, it needs to get to know the new rules and its new spaces.


It is important not to let it do what is prohibited, be firm and decise, but never without sweetness: the puppy must respect you, not fear you!

Nutrition tips

I suggest continuing the alimentation with which the puppy was weaned, so follow the direction recommended by the breeder.


Start by always leaving the food bowl at his/her disposal, the puppy will choose when and how much to eat. Also never forget to keep water available, water must never be lacking.


In addition, give the puppy some pieces of fruit and vegetables such as apples, carrots, peaches and apricots. As a supplement keep into consideration some salmon oil, and, during the molting period, biotin supplements and beer yeast.


Always avoid milk products both fresh and conserved, aged cheese and olive oil. Never give the dog sugar-rich foods such as candies, chocolate, spiced foods, sausages and ready-sliced meat coming from your meals. Remember that chicken or rabbit bones are particularly dangerous. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet for a complete diet.

Mantel care

Just some guidelines: It is recommended not to use shampoo before washing, not to wash the puppy until 6 months of age (use wet napkins instead if it gets dirty), and also not to use your own bottles of shampoo on the first washing, as they won’t cleanse the dog properly.


Drying is particularly important with Shibas. In fact the race is very sensitive to humidity, and it easily gets ill if left wet.


Therefore, it’s necessary to dry the dog completely before letting it outside.

Advice for behavior and obedience

Your puppy has learnt all the schemes of behavior from its mother, but it is paramount for it to continue socializing: let the puppy meet other dogs regularly, he/she should make friends of all ages, genders and breeds. If possible, let the dog socialize in a protected environment and without leash (for example a dog training centre).


If possible, again, try to attend a puppy dog course with a professional dog trainer, who will help the little dog understand what you want from him/her, and you’ll learn how to communicate that.

Suggested purchases

  • 2 steel bowls for food and water

  • Folding dog bed 50x80cm

  • 2 blankets to alternate on the bed

  • Tennis balls or soft rubber balls, some small plushes, a knotted rope or non-toxic rubber toys

  • Martingale collar (I strongly suggest never buying a dog harness)

  • Leash (Extensible type NOT recommended)