About me

Welcome to the Akai Jounetsu website!


My name is Isabelle Marti, I'm Swiss, a German native speaker, and I've been living in Italy since 1990.


I was born in a small village in Switzerland, and I spent my early years in a house in front of my granparents' farm.


Since I was a child I've had the privilege of growing up among animals, and I used to help my family in the countryside.


But I was particularly attracted by the magic of raising puppies, and I always took the chance of following the birth moments of calves. Besides, it was always a joy being able to take care of a litter of dogs or cats.


When I was about 10 years old I decided to start experimenting the rearing of animals on my own, and, with the money i received from bithdays, I bought a couple of parakeet parrots with a bird cage for growing up the chicks. As the cage started to feel too small, my dad decided to build an aviary for me. There, I've bred parakeets and cockatiels for almost 10 years, even if only as a past time activity.



In 1990 my husband and I moved to Italy, in the province of Rimini, where I've had 3 Persian cats and a large black crossbreed dog for the next 10 years.



With the births of my sons Nico (in 2000) and Sasha (2003) I got fulltime invested in raising puppies, a task I'm still continuing today.



Then, in 2007, we attended a dog show taking place during a fair, where for the first time I saw a little Black & Tan Shiba Inu. I was immediately struck by its appearence, and from the first information we gathered from the owner I understood this was a dog like no other.

At once, I started looking for more and more facts about this little race I had never seen before.

All I knew at that point was that Shiba would make for the perfect dog for my family and me. 


We later agreed on going visit a large kennel not to far away from home, where I met my first Shiba, Temari del Biagio, daughter of the world champion Verusca del Biagio. She was an adorable fluffy ball of fur and it was love at first sight as she ran towards me.


This way, almost randomly, started our passion for this incredible breed!


Raising the little Temari, I realised this special being was one to be known in depth, so I waited until I felt ready for my first litter. It was a magical and intense experience.

From that moment I chose to define my own idea and mission: to live in contact with the Shiba, and not to keep them in boxes outside.


To manage a couple of litters a year, thus being able to focus better on the puppies.


To test my breeders with health screenings for selecting healthy puppies, free from genetic weaknesses, and then to educate them for the family life.

To inform the new owners of the race's traits, and to follow the families in the years as a point of  reference after the puppy is sold.


To breed following the standard, so that the dogs may be appreciated in expositions, but keeping the physical characteristics I personally prefer, so that they may reflect my own style and be easily recognised as mine.

This is who I am and AKAI JOUNETSU...

...which means RED PASSION!